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  Midwest Steeplejacks is an industry leader in quality control for wireless communication.
Midwest Steeplejacks is an industry leader in quality control for wireless communication.

We provide a full range of wireless communication services for towers, antennas and co-location including


We provide service for several major carriers and many independent customers. Our customers are spread through the upper Midwest and surrounding states including MN, WI, IL, MI, IA, NE, MO, ID, NY, OH, IN, and KS.

Many customers use us as their sole quality control inspection team for their wireless sites. Our wireless technicians do a complete tower inspection, checking over 100 points on the tower, site and cabling.

We work with a variety of companies including

    Cellular Phone Companies
    TV Broadcasters
    Radio Stations
    Digital Internet Providers
    Microwave broadcasters

Please contact us if you have questions about our services. We can be reached by phone or Email.

  • Installing a new 10,600 pound DTV antenna
  • Preparing a monopole foundation
  • Towers in the fog - left tower is 1,178' - right tower is 1,000'
  • 9,000 pound 85' long antenna at 1,000' ready to be removed
  • Antenna being lowered
  • Antenna being lowered
  • View from the base of a decommissioned 1,200' broadcast tower
  • The top broadcast antenna buried 3' in the frozen ground
  • View of the upper sections
  • Removal of an analog broadcast antenna
  • The antenna below the gin-pole
  • Side view of the crew and the antenna
  • The top section of a 750 foot tower
  • The top section of a 750 foot tower - Going up
  • Piece of tower that fell 350 feet in an ice storm, stuck in the frozen earth
  • Removing a 12 bay FM antenna from 1,100'
  • A 7,100 pound broadcast antenna ready for installation
  • 84' analog TV antenna removal from 1,100'
  • Erecting a 350' self-supporting tower
  • Installing a generator and building foundation
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  • The new million dollar roof with the mast
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